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Baby Boomers represent just under 22% of the Australian population and hold approximately 50% of Australia's wealth. With advances in Australia's standard of health care, this generation is highly active, engaged, and living healthy lives. Yet many marketers define this market homogeneously, conveniently lumping them into an age group without understanding the nuances of this generation. Personalities, needs, and desires do not become plural when people become 55. However, whilst Baby Boomer are not homogeneous, there are trends in how they seek information, consume media, and make purchasing decisions. Most communication strategies lump this generation in with approaches that speak cross generationally, and do not tailor their messaging to Baby Boomers. Booming has been created to deliver communications strategies that are tailored to this market, we are staffed by professionals who relate to this generation, and who truly understand the characteristics unique to them.



At our core, our Public Relations skills, experience and creativity take brands to the next level. We hold relationships close within the media, and even closer with our clients.


Engagement, participation, on-ground, events, stunts… you name it – from conception to ground zero, we encourage people to participate in the activation of our brands.


Community, channel and asset management. Driven by the exchange of value, we too feed the hungry world of Create, Share & Like (aka ‘Social Media’).


The half-blood evolutionary birth of traditional marketing and digital media. We specialise in content and digital production that meets the needs of the clients of ‘today’.


Authenticity is our guiding principle. This applies to our dealings with our clients, the media, and any other stakeholder in the communication process. We undertake our work with little fanfare and pride ourselves on executing well and delivering outstanding results for our clients. We approach the Baby Boomer market with respect, and a deep empathy and understanding of their uniqueness.

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